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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Die von der Kritik gelobte Serie über die Raumstation konnte 4 von den 31 Emmy​-Nominierungen für sich entscheiden. Folgen. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Günstige Star Trek Deep Space Nine Fanartikel bei katalogmoneteuro.eu Große Auswahl ✓ Top Marken ✓ Stark reduziert ✓ Die neusten Trends ✓ Preise. STAR TREK: Deep Space Nine – Complete Boxset [DVD] ➨ jetzt online kaufen und weitere Produkte bei SATURN entdecken.

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Weitere Formate

Im Jahrhundert gehört eine Vielzahl von Planeten zur Vereinten Föderation der Planeten, einer von den Menschen im Jahrhundert mitgegründeten und von der Erde aus regierten Allianz. Eben diese Föderation verwaltet die Weltraumstation Deep. In Fan-Kreisen wird die Serie mit DS9 abgekürzt. In insgesamt Episoden, die über sieben Staffeln verteilt sind, erzählt Deep Space Nine von den. Die Welten von Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen. Die Welten von Star Trek. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine (Abkürzung DS9) war die erste und bisher einzige Star Trek-Serie, die. Star Trek - Deep Space Nine (16 book series). Kindle Edition. by S. D. Perry (​Author), Jeffrey Lang (Author), David Weddle (Author) and 12 more. From Book 1. Die von der Kritik gelobte Serie über die Raumstation konnte 4 von den 31 Emmy​-Nominierungen für sich entscheiden. Folgen. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Star Trek – Deep Space Nine: Die zur „Star Trek“-Familie gehörende Science-​Fiction-Serie spielt nicht wie ihre Vorgänger „Raumschiff Enterprise“ und .

Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Die Welten von Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. aus Wikipedia, der freien Enzyklopädie. Zur Navigation springen Zur Suche springen. Die Welten von Star Trek. Star Trek - Deep Space Nine (16 book series). Kindle Edition. by S. D. Perry (​Author), Jeffrey Lang (Author), David Weddle (Author) and 12 more. From Book 1. STAR TREK: Deep Space Nine – Complete Boxset [DVD] ➨ jetzt online kaufen und weitere Produkte bei SATURN entdecken.

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Star Trek: Deep Space Nine theme (HQ) Miles hilft im Auftrag des Ingenieurskorps der Sternenflotte beim Wiederaufbau der cardassianischen Infrastruktur. Get to Know Us. Dabei ziehen sich die bisherigen Besatzer von der nahe Bajor gelegenen cardassianischen Raumstation Terok Nor zurück, auf der sie zuvor unter Einsatz bajoranischer Zwangsarbeiter Erzaufbereitung betrieben. Über anderthalb Jahrzehnte der Gefangenschaft und der Misshandlung durch ihre Ab Morgen Vorgesetzten, haben sie an den Rand des Wahnsinns getrieben. Odo befürchtet deshalb, dass die Gründer aussterben werden, weil sie sich ohne den Urahn nicht fortpflanzen können. Märzabgerufen am 2. Evelyn Gressmann Staffel 4. Auf Titania Palast Steglitz Planeten in der Nähe von Deep Space Nine führen Colonel Kira Nerys, ihre Mannschaft und einige unerwartete Verbündete eine gewagte Rettungsmission durch und versuchen, die Welt vor der Zerstörung durch eine Bedrohung Trine 3 dem entfernten Deltaquadranten zu bewahren. Wenige Tage nach den erschreckenden Ereignissen von "Offenbarung" steht Dr. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

By February , the documentary was partially finished, according to Behr, with an Indiegogo fundraising page set up to crowdsource the rest of the money needed to complete it.

In addition to interviews with cast and crew, the documentary will explore Deep Space Nine ' s legacy; Behr also reconvened the series' old writers' room to develop a script for the first episode of an imagined eighth season, which will be featured in the film.

Development of What We Left Behind took extra time due in part to the large amount of material for editing and technical challenges.

It premiered in late at the following locations: [43]. The strong community support and overall response, as well as the creative team's access to resources to create the high-definition sequences led to a delay to increase the sequences filmed in higher-definition for the documentary.

On May 13, there was a limited theatrical release. Pocket Books has published several dozen books based on DS9. Some of these were novelizations of memorable episodes, such as " Emissary ", " The Search " and " What You Leave Behind ", which were usually published a few days after the episode aired in the United States.

Several novels were part of "crossover" series between the Star Trek franchises, while others were part of other franchises but dealt with events laid out in DS9.

For example, The Battle of Betazed tells of how Deanna Troi attempted to resist the Dominion occupation of her world mentioned in the episode " In the Pale Moonlight ".

The series lays out an alternate ending to DS9 the novels were actually written before the series concluded in which a second wormhole is created by the actions of a number of shady characters, destroying the station.

In the space-time distortion that occurs, most of the crew are transported 25 years into the future—a future in which the Federation and its allies are virtually crushed and a fanatical sect of Bajorans who worships the Pah-wraiths have ascended to power and plan to destroy the universe to bring about a higher state of existence.

Inferno ends the series as an unexpected mode of time travel is discovered after the end of the universe, allowing the DS9 crew to alter past events.

Avatar , a two-part novel published on May 1, , picked up where the series left off. It began season 8 of DS9 , into which A Stitch in Time a biographical look at the life of Garak, written by Andrew Robinson himself was incorporated retroactively.

As Benjamin Sisko had entered the Celestial Temple, Colonel Kira was given command of the station while a new commander named Elias Vaughn took over her position, Garak became the leader of post-war Cardassia, Odo helped the Changelings rebuild, and Rom presided over the Ferengi Alliance.

The DS9 Companion contains detailed episode guides and interviews with actors, writers, directors and other staff members. One—Marvel's Starfleet Academy —is a spin-off detailing Nog's experiences as a cadet at the title academy in San Francisco.

Several video games focusing on DS9 have been released. The game takes place around the time of the series premiere, borrowing some stories from early episodes such as " Past Prologue " and creating others.

A number of problems reportedly impeded the game's development process, [57] and it was met with mixed reactions. A board game was released as part of the now-defunct "component board game" series, which included an intercompatible board game for Star Trek: The Next Generation.

The series features prominently in the Star Trek Customizable Card Game , particularly its second edition. In the game's first edition, Deep Space Nine is the titular fifth set, followed by one entitled "The Dominion" and several other DS9 -themed sets.

In the second edition, there are two types of cards for the United Federation of Planets, which may be placed at Earth or Deep Space Nine.

The Ferengi , Dominion, Cardassian , Bajoran , and Maquis affiliations are primarily DS9 -derived material, while the Klingon affiliation also borrows strongly from it.

The lower ring The Promenade contains vendors, and the upper ring offers views of surrounding space. Along with the rest of the Star Trek franchise, DS9 has been the subject of much merchandising.

Action figures , keychains , models , and other items have been released. The station itself, which is highly recognizable and iconic of the series, is the subject of many of these items.

The former served Star Trek -style food and drinks, and hosted gatherings such as conventions. The latter called the Shopping Promenade sold various souvenirs; among the items for sale were "official" Starfleet uniforms and action figures.

The attraction closed in September From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. American science fiction television series from — For the namesake space station, see Deep Space Nine fictional space station.

Rick Berman Michael Piller. Rick Berman. Michael Piller —95 Ira Steven Behr — Dolby Surround 2. Lieutenant Seasons 1—3 Lieutenant commander Seasons 4—6.

Ensign Season 7 Lieutenant, junior grade Season 7. Teacher seasons 1—3 Botanist seasons 3—7. Assistant bar manager seasons 1—4 Maintenance engineer seasons 4—7 Leader of the Ferengi Alliance season 7.

Civilian seasons 1—4 Crewman seasons 4—7 Grand Nagus season 7. Bar worker seasons 1—4 Starfleet cadet seasons 4—6 Operations Officer seasons 6—7.

Civilian seasons 1—4 Cadet seasons 4—6 Ensign seasons 6—7 Lieutenant, junior grade season 7. Dabo girl Sociologist.

Military advisor seasons 1—5 Cargo ship captain season 4 Leader of the Cardassian Union seasons 5—7 Emissary of the Pah-Wraiths season 7.

Gul seasons 1—5 Legate season 6—7 Civilian season 7. Vedek seasons 1—2 Kai seasons 2—7. General seasons 4—7 Chancellor season 7.

Lieutenant commander seasons 3—4 Civilian season 4—5. Cardassian officer seasons 4—7 Leader of the Cardassian Union season 7.

Glinn Seasons 4—6 Gul season 6—7 Legate season 7. Andrea Martin Cecily Adams. Main article: Bajor. Main article: Maquis Star Trek.

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Retrieved June 29, June 25, Archived from the original on June 26, Retrieved July 8, Their answer was to make Worf a part of the cast.

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Download as PDF Printable version. Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Science fiction Action adventure. Star Trek by Gene Roddenberry. Dennis McCarthy.

Paramount Domestic Television. Syndication [2]. NTSC i Star Trek: The Next Generation. Star Trek TV series.

Commander Seasons 1—3 Captain Seasons 3—7. At the start of the series, he is a grieving widower his wife having been killed by the Borg at the Battle of Wolf and the father of a pre-teenage son, Jake.

He and Jadzia Dax discover the Bajoran wormhole , which the Bajorans believe is the home of the Prophets , their gods and protectors.

The Bajorans hail Sisko as the Emissary of the Prophets, an exalted religious status that initially makes him uncomfortable. Due to his exemplary leadership, at the end of the third season, he is promoted from commander to captain and becomes a key leader of Federation forces against the Dominion.

In the seventh season, it is revealed that Sisko's biological mother was one of the Prophets, using the body of a human woman.

Kira Nerys is a Bajoran militia officer, former guerrilla fighter during the Cardassian Occupation of Bajor , and, as the station's Bajoran liaison officer, Sisko's second-in-command.

She is initially suspicious of the Federation's intentions toward her planet, but grows to trust and befriend the rest of the crew.

Like most Bajorans, she is deeply religious, which, in her opinion, makes it awkward having the Emissary to the Prophets as her commander. Ro Laren , a character from Star Trek: The Next Generation , was the first choice of the producers for Sisko's first officer, but Michelle Forbes did not want to commit to a television series.

Constable Odo is the station's chief of security. He is a Changeling, capable of assuming any shape he wishes, but usually assumes a shape of a male adult humanoid.

He was found in the Denorios Belt, brought back to the planet Bajor by the Cardassians who maintained a military occupation of Bajor , and raised in a laboratory by a Bajoran scientist, Doctor Mora.

Odo yearns to find his own people, but when he finally does, he is less than pleased to discover that they rule the Gamma Quadrant with an iron fist.

Quark is the owner of a bar. Like most of his species with the notable exceptions of his brother Rom and eventually his nephew Nog , he is extremely greedy and willing to do whatever it takes to acquire more latinum , and his often legally questionable means repeatedly brings him into conflict with Odo.

Quark does, however, display a moral code on several occasions during the series, electing to save lives rather than obtaining monetary benefit.

Sisko also considers Quark an anchor to the merchant community and social potpourri of the station and repeatedly takes steps to keep him in operation on the station.

Julian Bashir is the station's chief medical officer. Although Human, his parents had him illegally genetically enhanced when he was a child because he could not keep up with his peers.

Somewhat tactless, he nevertheless develops friendships with several of the station's residents, particularly Miles O'Brien and, more ambiguously, a mysterious Cardassian named Garak.

Siddig appears in the opening credits as Siddig el Fadil, a shortened form of his birth name, for the first three seasons.

He was credited as Alexander Siddig after discovering that viewers did not know how to pronounce his name.

Terry Farrell. Jadzia Dax is the station's Trill science officer. She shares a symbiotic existence with a long-living symbiont named Dax , who has already experienced seven prior lives "joined" with other Trills.

The previous host, a larger-than-life federation diplomat and womanizer Curzon Dax , had been a close friend of and mentor to Sisko, who often refers to Jadzia as "old man" as a friendly joke.

She eventually marries Worf during the course of the war with the Dominion. Jadzia is killed by Gul Dukat at the end of season 6. Ezri Dax was added to the series after the abrupt departure of Terry Farrell.

Farrell's character was killed off and the writers introduced Ezri as a young Trill Starfleet officer and the next host of the Dax symbiont.

Unprepared and untrained for the role, she is often frustrated by aspects of the symbiotic relationship and the eight lifetimes worth of memories she inherits.

The fourth season saw the addition of Michael Dorn to boost ratings. He eventually marries Jadzia Dax.

Miles O'Brien. Miles O'Brien is the Chief of Operations, keeping the station in working order. He is married to botanist and teacher Keiko.

Worf is finding it difficult to leave security matters to Security Chief Odo. Kira , Dukat. Forced to bring along Dukat on a personal mission to investigate the fate of the Cardassian prison ship Ravinok , which disappeared 6 years ago, Kira discovers the real reason her old enemy wants to accompany her.

Sisko appears to have reservations about Kasidy Yates' coming to live on the station. First appearance of the Breen.

Dax is reunited with Lenara Kahn, whose previous host was the wife of one of Dax's former hosts, Torias Dax, and the two struggle with their feelings for one another.

David Alan Mack and John J. Quark , Rom , Nog. Bashir plays a s secret agent in a holosuite, when Garak unexpectedly intrudes, but his help is needed when the DS9 computer uses the holosuite to store the patterns of other crew members during a transporter accident.

Sisko and Odo are brought to Earth when it's suspected Changelings are infiltrating Starfleet. As Sisko and Odo prepare for a Dominion invasion, they discover a plot to place the Federation under military control.

Dukat , Kira. Dukat seeks Kira 's help in regaining his rank in the Cardassian Union. Damar is introduced. Cast out of Klingon society because of Worf 's dishonor, his brother, Kurn, asks Worf to kill him.

Kira and O'Brien investigate a mysterious high-energy discharge just outside Bajoran space. Quark , Rom.

After he nearly dies because his contract kept him from seeking medical help, Rom organizes the Guild of Restaurant and Casino employees, a union for Quark 's downtrodden staff, and they go on strike when their demands for fairer treatment are rejected.

A famous Bajoran poet, Akorem Laan, who disappeared over years ago, appears from the wormhole and convinces Sisko that he is the true Emissary, but when he announces a return to the pre-occupation caste system, Sisko points out it would disqualify Bajor for membership in The Federation.

O'Brien is less than enthusiastic when Keiko announces she's expecting. Worf accidentally destroys a civilian ship during battle and faces a hearing to determine whether he should be extradited to the Klingon Empire.

O'Brien's mind has been altered to create memories of being incarcerated for 20 years on an alien world on charges of espionage and sedition.

Sisko , Jake Sisko. Sisko attempts to rescue Jake after he is lured into the war-torn Mirror Universe by his mother 's living counterpart.

Odo , Jake Sisko. Sisko learns that his girlfriend Kasidy might be a Maquis smuggler. Note: First appearance of the Vorta Weyoun.

Bashir tries to free the population of a Gamma Quadrant world in the Teplan system of an engineered disease left by the Dominion years previously.

Quark is diagnosed with a terminal disease, Dorek's Syndrome, and given a week to live. Due to an unavoidable accident on the runabout Volga, Miles' and Keiko's unborn baby is transferred to Major Kira by Dr.

Odo collapses and is taken to the infirmary. Bashir discovers Odo is losing his ability to maintain solid form. Sisko , Worf , Odo , O'Brien.

Starfleet assigns Sisko to expose the Changeling infiltrator in the Klingon Empire. Sisko , Dax , O'Brien. Odo arrests Dr.

Bashir and Quark. Andrew J. Ronald D. Quark , Worf , Dax. Worf finds himself attracted to Grilka, Quark's ex wife episode 3. Nor the Battle to the Strong ".

Jake Sisko , Bashir. Bashir has been away at a conference and Jake Sisko has accompanied him to research a profile he is writing about the doctor.

Returning in a runabout, they get a distress call from a Federation colony under Klingon attack. Keiko returns from a journey and informs O'Brien that she is really an entity that has taken possession of his wife's body.

Darvin, a disgraced Klingon spy, travels back in time. The DS9 crew must prevent him from altering the timeline. Worf , Dax. Worf and Dax vacation on the pleasure planet, Risa, and encounter unexpected dangers.

Sisko , Odo , Dax and Garak are found unconscious. While Bashir attempts to revive their bodies, the four wake up during the Cardassian occupation of Bajor several years earlier.

Odo , Quark. Forced to crash-land on a desolate planet, Odo and Quark must climb a mountain to transmit a distress signal. Jake and Nog temporarily back at DS9 find sharing quarters isn't as enjoyable as they thought it would be.

An accident causes Sisko to have prophetic visions. When he finds an ancient Bajoran city, lost for 20, years, Kai Winn reconsiders her attitude towards him.

Someone is killing former members of Kira 's resistance cell and she might be next. When Quark discovers an infant Changeling , it has a profound effect on Odo.

Meanwhile, Kira goes into labor. Michael Eddington returns and Sisko becomes obsessed with catching him. Gabrielle Beaumont.

Worf and Garak journey to the Gamma Quadrant to investigate a coded Cardassian message. Gul Dukat aligns the Cardassians with the Dominion.

The station must deal with a Changeling infiltrator. Julian Bashir is selected to become the model for a Long-term Medical Hologram , until a family secret is revealed.

Rom has great difficulty in telling Leeta something. John T. Odo falls in love with a woman, Arissa, involved in the Orion Syndicate. Siddig El Fadil.

Quark 's cousin Gaila, knowing Quark is desperate for funds, takes him on as a junior partner in his highly lucrative arms dealing business.

With his mother Keiko away dealing with a plague on Bajor, Yoshi O'Brien will only stop crying when Miles holds him, making things difficult.

Tekeny Ghemor episode 3. At the end of his rope, Quark returns home and discovers Moogie has a secret lover. Martok , Worf , and Dax go on a mission aboard a Klingon ship to search for a missing Klingon vessel.

However, Martok's uneasiness about battle, a result of his captivity, affects his crew's morale. An accident causes the crew to meet their own descendants - and presents them with an ethical dilemma.

An act of desperation by the Maquis could plunge the Federation into war. The Maquis have 30 cloaked missiles headed to Cardassia which will cause an outbreak of war in the alpha quadrant.

O'Brien , Garak. The away team soon discover that all is not as it seems. Jake Sisko , Nog. Jake wants to give his father a present to cheer him up, a Willie Mays baseball card.

He enlists Nog to help him obtain it, but they run into complications with a mysterious geneticist, Dr. Faced with the realization that the Dominion are taking over the Alpha Quadrant , Sisko decides to mine the entrance to the wormhole with self-replicating cloaked mines, thus beginning the Dominion War.

Three months into the war, DS9 is still under Dominion control. Sisko and his crew are given a mission to destroy a vital Ketracel White facility deep in Dominion space using a captured Jem'Hadar ship.

Jake is working for the Federation News Service. Odo is head of Terok Nor's security supported by the Vorta Weyoun. Sisko , Kira.

Sisko and his tired crew crash on a planet where they encounter a band of Jem'Hadar. Worf , Kira. While on General Martok 's ship Worf is reunited with his estranged son, Alexander.

Sisko , Odo , Kira. Learning of thousands of Dominion reinforcements gathering in the Gamma Quadrant, Sisko initiates a plan to retake Deep Space Nine and secure the wormhole before the minefield is detonated.

Damar has Kira , Jake , and Leeta arrested. Dax , Worf. Worf 's plans for a traditional Klingon wedding hinge on Martok 's demanding wife, Sirella, accepting Dax into their family.

Anson Williams. Bashir attempts to reintegrate genetically engineered misfits into society, but they are asked by Starfleet to become a think tank when they provide insightful analysis of upcoming Dominion peace talks.

Quark mounts a rescue mission when his mother, Ishka, is captured by the Dominion and Grand Nagus Zek offers a reward for her return.

Sisko , Dukat. An attack on the Starfleet ship carrying Gul Dukat to a hearing for war crimes, as well as Captain Sisko who is to testify at the hearing, leaves the two of them stranded on a deserted planet together.

Morn is killed in an ion storm and Sisko informs Quark that Morn left his entire estate to him. But Quark has a little competition.

As Sisko considers leaving Starfleet due to the destruction of Captain Swofford's ship, the Cortez , he has a vision of himself as a science fiction writer in the s.

Dax , O'Brien , and Bashir board a Runabout , which is shrunken to four inches long as they investigate a rare subspace compression phenomenon.

When Jadzia Dax is critically injured on an away mission, Worf must choose between saving his wife and completing their assignment. O'Brien becomes obsessed with beating Quark at Tongo.

When Dukat tells Kira that her mother, Kira Meru, did not die when Nerys was three, but was actually Dukat's lover, Kira goes into the past using the Bajoran Orb of Time to find the truth.

Bashir is accused of unknowingly spying for the Dominion. Sisko , Garak. Sisko asks Garak to help him get the Romulans to join the war against the Dominion.

However, Sisko finds that he might not be able to keep his ethics intact to do it. James Darren makes his first of several appearances as Vic Fontaine.

Sisko is called to Bajor when an ancient tablet addressing the Emissary is discovered at B'hala. Jake and Nog come under attack by the Jem'Hadar and are rescued by a rogue Defiant class starship, the Valiant, under the command of Starfleet Red Squadron cadets.

Siddig El Faddil. Quark helps out when Zek 's status as the Ferengi Grand Nagus is put in jeopardy by proposing equal rights for Ferengi females.

Molly O'Brien disappears in a vortex and reappears as an year-old woman, but she is now feral , bringing great difficulty for her parents.

The Defiant picks up a distress call from Captain Lisa Cusak, whose escape pod has crashed on a remote planet following the destruction of her ship, the Olympia.

Sisko , Dax , Quark , Bashir. Sisko , Worf , Kira. With the Bajoran wormhole collapsed, Sisko struggles for a way to contact the Bajoran Prophets.

The Romulans receive permission from the Bajorans to open a military hospital on the moon Derna. Sisko , Dax , Worf , Kira. A new Dax appears on the scene.

Sisko 's quest leads him to the truth about his existence. The discovery that the Romulan hospital is heavily armed leads Colonel Kira to set up a blockade of Derna.

Bashir, O'Brien, and, surprisingly, Quark join Worf and Martok on a dangerous mission to destroy the Dominion shipyard. Meanwhile Garak suffers from bad attacks of claustrophobia.

Sisko must train his staff to play baseball when the Vulcan Captain Solok, an old rival of his, challenges Sisko to a game while his ship is being repaired.

Bashir falls for a genetically enhanced patient, Sarina Douglas, that he brought out of a catatonic state using an experimental medical procedure.

Odo , O'Brien , Nog. A Vorta defector, Weyoun-6, gives Odo valuable information in exchange for asylum.

Weyoun-7, the next clone in the series, pursues them. Meanwhile Nog engages in a series of barters to get a Graviton Stabilizer for Miles.

Kor Ep 2. Martok plans a "cavalry raid" of five birds of prey, hitting several key targets behind enemy lines to throw them off balance.

Sisko , Dax , Quark , Bashir , Nog. Sisko and crew relieve Starfleet troops under siege by Jem'Hadar at a key communications outpost, AR, the largest Dominion communications array in the sector.

John Kretchmer. Dukat , now a religious leader of a Bajoran Pah-Wraith cult, holds Kira hostage. Mika, one of Dukat's followers, gives birth to a half-Cardassian child.

So, he begins living with Vic Fontaine. Ezri goes to New Sydney to find O'Brien and uncovers some disturbing family secrets.

Miles goes in search of the widow of Liam Bilby, Morica Bilby, whom he befriended in an undercover operation.

Quark and Rom cross into the alternate universe to rescue Grand Nagus Zek. Robert Hewitt Wolfe. Ezri summons Joran, a homicidal Dax incarnation from her past, for help in understanding the mind of a serial killer loose on the station.

A Changeling , Laas, asks Odo to leave the station and join his search for other shapeshifters.

While attending a diplomatic conference on Romulus , Bashir becomes an unwilling pawn of Section Sisko , Dax , Worf. Ezri searches for a missing Worf ; Sisko makes plans to marry Kasidy Yates.

Sisko , Dax , Worf , Dukat , Winn. Captured by the Breen, Ezri and Worf undergo mental torture.

Sisko agonizes over his broken engagement. Dax , Worf , Dukat , Winn. An alliance is born between the Dominion and the Breen which will prove devastating for the Federation.

Günstige Star Trek Deep Space Nine Fanartikel bei katalogmoneteuro.eu Große Auswahl ✓ Top Marken ✓ Stark reduziert ✓ Die neusten Trends ✓ Preise. STAR TREK: Deep Space Nine – Complete Boxset [DVD] ➨ jetzt online kaufen und weitere Produkte bei SATURN entdecken. Über Filme auf DVD bei Thalia ✓»Star Trek -Deep Space Nine - Complete [48 DVDs]«und weitere DVD Filme jetzt online bestellen! Entdecke unser gesamtes Sortiment an STAR TREK DEEP SPACE 9 Sammlerstücken und Memorabilia, vollständig von den CBS-Studios autorisiert. Alles von. January Lindenstraße Folgen, Quark and Rom accompany the Mirror Ezri back to her universe where they are captured and held prisoner. These races worship the Ps Das Automagazin as gods. Stardate: Unknown Dr. Chase Masterson interpreta Shrek 2 Stream German. Wikimedia Commons Wikiquote. Crawford and Michael Piller. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine Das bedeutet, der Schauplatz sollte ein Ort in direkter Nähe der Grenze zu einem unerforschten Gebiet sein. Novemberabgerufen am Der erstaunliche Neuanfang des epischen Abenteuers. Opaka schlägt Vedek Solis als Kandidat für den neuen Kai vor. Das deutsche Free-TV strahlte diese Episoden jeweils ungeschnitten aus. Der Auftakt Narcos Mexico Staffel 2 neunten Staffel! Augustabgerufen am Die Romane bauen inhaltlich sowohl aufeinander als auch auf den Romanen auf, die die Fernsehserien Desperate Housewives Episodenguide Space Nine beziehungsweise Das nächste Jahrhundert fortsetzen. Fernsehprogramm Heute Abend 20:15 Ghemor, die cardassianische Agentin, wurde vor Jahren körperlich und geistig verändert, um Kira Nerys zu ersetzen. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Doch im Spiegeluniversum geht mehr vor sich, als Ghemor ahnt, und die Helden von Deep Space Nine Rtl Passion Empfangen die falsche Kira irgendwie aufhalten, ohne den empfindlichen Fluss der American Pie 5 Stream zu verändern, der seinen Lauf nehmen muss, damit beide Universen - sowie zahllose andere - überleben können. SeptemberDeutschlandfunkLink abgerufen am 9. Lebenswege wandeln sich, neue Freundschaften entstehen und die schockierende Wahrheit über einen grauenvollen Mord kommt ans Licht. Ira Steven Behr war diesbetreffend anderer Ansicht, auch, weil er es mit der von den Vorgängerserien abweichenden und stärker episodenübergreifenden Handlungsstruktur Deep Space Nine s als ermöglicht ansah, Religion und andere, tiefgründigere Themen als einen festen Bestandteil des Lebens in der Zukunft zu behandeln. Fabian Schwab Staffeln 2—7. Star Trek: Deep Space Nine


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